Apple and Cheddar Melt #MeatlessMonday

They say “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” right? How often would you say you eat an apple? We have a few in our fruit basket that need to be eaten so I was very excited to see this awesome recipe on Kellogg’s brand page MorningStar Farms! An apple and cheddar melt! How […]

Santa Fe Southwest Tostada Salad Recipe #MeatlessMonday

Happy Monday! While Mondays aren’t normally a “happy” day per say, it’s important to always stay positive to move into a great week. This week’s recipe is one to do just that. The amazing Santa Fe Southwest Tostada Salad Recipe! A beautiful dish makes for a nice uplifting event during the day. The ingredients in this […]

Black Bean Burger Panini Recipe #MeatlessMonday

Happy #MeatlessMonday to you! What is it about Summer and burgers? I think they go hand in hand like hot cocoa and winter right? I cook burgers often in the summer, it just works out that way. One of our favorite burger patties comes from Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms products! You guessed this the Black […]

Black Bean Stacked Tortilla Recipe #MeatlessMonday

Are you enjoying Summer? We sure are! I’ve noticed that I’m cooking with more vegetables lately and everyone is loving it! One of the other things I’ve been incorporating more are Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms products. This week’s recipe calls for MorningStar Farms® Buffalo Wings and blowing everyone’s mind with it! Not only is it visually appealing […]

Spicy Vegetarian Black Bean Soft Corn Tacos #MeatlessMonday

Happy MeatlessMonday! This week’s recipe is super easy and a little spicy! Do you like spicy foods? You’ll love this recipe by Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms! Pick up the ingredients at your local commissary and serve it today or during the weekend in your brunch spread. It’s a fresh recipe that you’ll enjoy during the […]