Crafts and Learning

Once again we Circle back to my favorite type of activity to do with the family – the free kind. If you have never been to a Lakeshore Learning Center it’s worth the trip for unusual learning gifts for the kiddos and if you add in free craft time on Saturdays from 11am -3pm it becomes even more of a economical family excursion.

My children have made pencil boxes, picture frames, butterflies and fish on a string all free. Plus when my oldest was struggling with learning the alphabet we found alphabet bingo which I have cycled down to my 4 year old and she’s a pro now.

The stores are small but they manage to fit in craft time and a plethora of nifty learning toys. My favorite is the real wood play food that is practically indestructible. .

The closest location is right off of Loop 410 at 327 N.W. Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 7821. I hope to see you there during craft time and I can’t wait to see what my kids create next.