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Click the link below to watch a short (less than 2 minutes) video to let you know more about the Travis Manion Foundation which is holding the contest <== Click here for information about the Character Does Matter Contest. You’ve probably been hearing us talk about it.  It is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and the  deadline for contest Entry is December 15, 2017.

Character Does Matter Johnson & Johnson VLC Snap-Shot  

 The Travis Manion Foundation was built to honor a Fallen United States Marine who lived his life as an example as to why character does matter and how to use your character in positive ways.  In his foot-steps the foundation continues his spirit and legacy by continuing to contribute to our communities just as Travis Manion had when he was alive. Thanks to this foundation, Travis can and will live on forever since others continue to be living examples just as he was.  What a wonderful way to not only pay tribute to a PRIME example of an excellent Military Service Member, but to also share his tremendous kind soul with all of humanity.


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