Discover “The Sword At Sunset” With the MMS Book Club!

Hey Kids! October is almost over! We are currently reading “The Haunted Hotel” by Ron Roy. Are you all enjoying it? It is a fun little read, with a mystery twisted in. But with November on its way, we are ready to bring out our new book. This one is a bit longer than the last couple that we read, and is a really good book. The tales of Arthur have been passed around for hundreds of years, and Sword at Sunset brings a new twist to the story of King Arthur.

One of the newest theories of King Arthur is that he is not based on just one person. Historians are beginning to think that Arthur is a conglomerate of people, mashed together to bring a hero forward at a time when people needed something to believe in, and hold onto. But the legends of Arthur have made for fascinating reading, and deduction. Rosemary Sutcliff is a master storyteller, and her books are never disappointing!

Happy reading!

The “Sword At Sunset” excerpt comes from

This brilliant reconception of the Arthurian epic cuts through the familiar myths and tells the story of the real King Arthur: Artos the Bear, the mighty warrior-king who saved the last lights of Western civilization when the barbarian darkness descended in the fifth century.

Artos here comes alive: bold and forceful in battle, warm and generous in friendship, tough in politics, shrewd in the strategy of war – and tender and tragically tormented in love.

Out of the braiding of ancient legend, fresh research, soaring imagination and hypnotic narrative skill comes a novel that has richly earned its reputation as a classic.