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Each year, women buy and use their favorite Neutrogena makeup items. If you are like me, you tend to use these items until they are completely gone. However, recently, I developed an infection just under the lid of my eye. After visiting with the doctor, it was determined that some of the make-up that I had been using (which was really old) caused the infection. Who knew!? I had no idea!

As it turns out, you are supposed to replace the cosmetics items that you are using at least twice each year. As you apply your makeup each day, there are small amounts of bacteria that get into the palette’s that you are using, and can build to cause an infection down the road if you are not careful. Well, once I discovered what the issue was, I immediately threw out everything that I had in my bag, and then groaned at thinking of the cost to replace everything all over again. However, as I headed out to pick up my fave items, I discovered that the NEX had their Neutrogena items on sale! I absolutely LOVE shopping at the NEX! Not only am I finding the items that I love and use each day, but saving money is always a great feeling. I was able to replace each of the items I had thrown away without feeling guilty about overspending.

If you have not visited your NEX lately, you need to head in there soon! Not only are their makeup items on sale, but so are Aveeno and Johnson & Johnson baby products. From small to large, each person in your family is taken care of. Save money, find fabulous deals, and shop at your local NEX. Don’t miss these hot deals! They will not last forever! Visit the Johnson & Johnson NEX page and view the HOT DEALS for this month!