Flight of the Sparrow – Week 3

Returning to the English is not as easy as Mary thought it would be. While she was enslaved to the Indians, she wondered where her husband was, where her children were, and whether she would ever see freedom again. One of the Praying Indians has taken an interest in her, and has shown her kindness and caring. She begins to yearn for his touch and berates herself for having unclean thoughts toward another man. With her return to her husband, she finds that he will not touch her, he considers her unclean. She has told him again and again that nothing happened and that she was not touched in anyway, but her declarations fall on deaf ears and rumors run rampant through their community. Will she be able to return to the confines of the Puritan community or will she return to the freedom of the Wilderness?

This week we are reading Chapters 20-29
1. The Puritans do not believe in giving physical comfort or grieving overlong over a death or sorrow. Could you live like that? 
2. James seeks Mary out at her house in the middle of the night, believing that she is the only one that can help him. Mary is torn but wants to help him. Do you think she will?
3. Joseph, Mary’s husband continually presses her for details about her captivity, but she is unwilling to give him much. She is beginning to feel as though he is capitalizing on her hardship to promote himself. Do you believe Joseph was using Mary to advance himself in the Puritan community?

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