Flower Crown Workshop April 13th

Are you crafty? If so, we are calling all crafty people, maybe even photographers, in southern California because this event is for you!

On April 13th the Art Alive 2019 is hosting a Flower Crown Workshop. This event will be taking place from 1:00 pm until 2:30 pm that Saturday afternoon. This is a perfect event for crafty people and photographers who want to learn how to create their own flower crowns. I have seen it too often in Facebook groups that people are asking where to buy flower crowns because very few people know how to make them. Who knows maybe if you attend this workshop you can open up a flower crown making business?

The San Diego Museum of Art partnered with the Native Poppy to host this event. Along with making beautiful flower crowns you will also be given some tasty snacks to munch on, while a gourmet lunch is being prepared, and you can chitchat with others and make new friends! I mean who doesn’t need new friends around here? Every spouse I have talked to always says “I have no friends, I need to meet new people”, so here is another perfect opportunity to make some! At the end of the event you can capture some memories with your flower crown and even your new friends in the San Diego Museum of Art custom photo booth.

Ticket includes: All supplies to make the flower crown, photo booth Polaroid, gourmet lunch from Root Cellar Catering Co., $25 ticket same day admission to the Art Alive 2019 Floral Exhibit.
Address: 1450 El Prado San Diego CA 92101
Tickets: Can be bought by clicking here!