Fort Belvoir’s Camping and Camp Rentals ALL YEAR ROUND!

For the first time in our married life, my husband and I bought a tent for our family and plan to go camping for the first time this summer.  Being as we are such newbs to this, I think tent camping might be a bit extreme for us first timers, which lead me to do some research and realized Fort Belvoir has camping grounds around the shores of the Potomac River!!! Not only is it a great location but they offer great, affordable rentals, such as nice campers, and rustic cabins. This is perfect for first time and experienced campers all around all year around!!!

Photo Cred: Fort Belvoir MWR


So, plan on a fun family camping trip along the Potomac this summer though the Recreational Lodge and Travel Camp!

When: Camp Ground is open ALL YEAR ROUND

Where: 10155 Johnston Rd, Bldg. 778
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


Cost: All Sites are $50

Rustic Cabins $79 a night

Travel Trailers $119 + $200 refundable deposit


For reservations and more information please click here 🙂

SO grab your camping gear (whatever that might entail, like I said, complete newbie here!)

Photo Cred: GIF @DIsneyPixar


P.s. Don’t forget to stop by the Commissary beforehand to get the most important things when going camping…. The E ingredients FOR S’MORES!!!!

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