Gatorland offers a free day for military, active and retired!

Gatorland in St. Augustine is offering our military personnel a free day pass, both active and retired!

If you have not made it over to see these giant creatures, you spend the day walking the  grounds where there is an alligator in every habitat waiting for you to be amazed at their sight!  The park offers you the experience of being up close with the alligators and the animals that live together in this part of our country while learning how different each is.  Listen to the park’s hosts explain their way of living, eating, sleeping, etc. and show you their nature.

The park provides you an open air experience with the option to zip line over the swamp areas they reside.  There’s areas to sit and watch and also a concession stand to grab food and drinks.  It’s a great day to be put in Awe!

The park also provides a military discount for military dependents at the ticket office of your NEX Jax or at the window of the park.