Getting Around Town in San Diego

So, I see these high-powered-riding devices, that are call, “Birds.” Why? Cause you can pick them up from any area, log in with your info whether a credit or debit card, and drift off with them…Great, right? I don’t know!

They push through on sidewalks like bikes, yet bicyclers have to adhere to street signals and right-away.  But these so-called scooters only have to take part of the sidewalk that everyone else who is walking on as their ped-way, trying and being ensure no one is being hit from behind or crumbled from the unexpected “scooter/electric skateboard” as they just swerve by,  in-and-out on what is already the small, traffic-crushed roads of our small city of San Diego.

Let’s just make this a safe area for all of us! Let’s do our best to be courteous to our neighbors, whether walking or scooting or peddling or surfing, take consideration on those who are either in a car, bus, truck, or scooter, especially motorcycles and skateboards; anything riding a human, that they arrive to their destination safe and secure!  Why?  Because WE CAN!


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  1. Gina

    September 21, 2018

    I’ve got a whole two decades to share!!!!

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