Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 2

Now that Harry is on his way to Hogwarts, he has a lot to learn. The entire magical world is a new place for him, and he is amazed by what he finds in Diagon Alley. There are so many new things surrounding him, things that were never thought possible. As Harry get his list and gets his things ready to attend Hogwarts, there are more and more questions that he has. Why is he so famous, and what really happened to his parents?

Hagrid can answer some of his questions, but there are some things that he is not comfortable telling Harry. Harry is wondering why people are so afraid to tell him anything, but are so interested in him. Hogwarts has opened all new possibilities for Harry Potter. For the first time, he has friends and he is wanted. He has finally found a home where he can contribute and be somewhat appreciated.  Being salted into their houses brings a whole new family for each of them! Now on to a successful school year!

Hagrid took something out of a vault when he and Harry visited Gringotts Bank. Later that same day, the bank was broken into, and the vault that was tampered with, was the same one that Harry and Hagrid had stopped at. Hagrid swore Harry to secrecy over the removal of the item from the vault. Harry told Ron about the break in however, and they are unsure of what it means.

This week we are reading Chapters 5-8


  1. Hagrid makes Harry promise to not let anyone know that they were in vault 713, but he ends up telling Ron about the break-in. Do you find it hard to keep a secret?
  2. Harry is excited to find friends!! Do you have friends that remind you of Ron and Hermione!?


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