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Hatchet – Week 4

The days are melding into one another, and he is keeping track of how long he has been there by marks on the wall of his shelter. He knows that he has to find something more substantial to eat. Fish is okay, but he is getting tired of it, and the meat is not enough to fill him up. He begins to stalk birds and manages to get a couple of them, as well as some rabbits. One day while he is at the lake he is charged by a moose. It throws him, and mashes him into the ground of the lake. He is bruised and battered, but thankfully still alive. He slowly moves toward the shore, and manages to get away from the moose before it can inflict anymore damage.

Then something happens that he is not prepared for, a tornado rips through the area, and completely ruins the shelter that he has built, as well as scattering his tools and food that he has gathered.  But it reveals something else, the tail of the plane. He knows that there is a survival pack aboard if he can get to it. He fashions a raft and makes his way to the plane. Slowly he works through the outer aluminum siding, and then working his way into the plane, he retrieves the bag. Once he gets back to shore, he passes out from the massive amount of energy he expended to get to the bag, and back to shore. He is chilled through from the water. The next morning, he goes through the bag, and the amount of treasures that he finds are amazing! Fishing line and hooks, cookware, and FOOD! He knows that he will have enough to survive for a while if he has to maintain his current living situation. As he digs through the bag even more, he finds a gun and some ammunition, and a Emergency Transmitter. Flipping the switch, he doesn’t hear anything, but he sets it to the side thinking it has been ruined in the crash.

But as he sits there cooking some of the food that he has found, he hears a sound. It is a small plane and as he watches it comes and turns and makes its landing in the lake. He is not sure what to think, and he watches as a man steps out of the plane…

This week we are reading Chapters 15-Epilogue


  1. Brian is learning to rely on himself more and more. Do you think that we all have hidden strengths that we don’t know about?
  2. The tornado that rips through the area shows Brian that he is not as safe as he thought he was. How do you think that he could make his situation better?
  3. When Brian is rescued, he is unsure of what to think. How do you think you would have felt?