Have fun at your local library!

Libraries can be so much fun! With the coming of summer, many parents begin to panic and try to figure out what they are going to do with their kids during the day. I have found that most local and post libraries have SOMETHING going every day. Keeping kids and parents happy is the way to go! As we move through library week, I thought I should introduce you to some of the faces of the future. Our kids are the ones that are going to determine whether or not libraries will remain open as they get older.

As more people move away from the standard book and go to e-books (which libraries also offer), we tend to not get out as much and just browse the shelves anymore. We tend to forget that without reading, we lose the sense of adventure and imagination that got us through our childhoods. Introducing children to books that they may have never read before, or classics from when we were kids, keeps reading AND libraries going.

Libraries offer SO MUCH MORE than just books! They rent movies and DVDs. I am a sucker for old movies and TV shows, so I managed to get the entire Dark Shadows (1950s tv) series through our library and watch them. They also offer music, language sets, computers, and more.

Utilize the libraries in ways you never considered! Use the internet and check out current job openings, attend job fairs that they hold, or check out the visiting authors that might be coming to your area. You can even participate in a on-ground book club through your library. The children’s section usually have a few computers where you can play some games and learn while having fun. Some even have play areas that kids can entertain themselves with while parents read! What could be better!?

Most also have a summer reading program! With these programs, kids can earn neat prizes for READING! We always participate in those, and the chance to win something gets my boys reading more during the summer than during the year. While they love to read, having a goal to work for is best.

Kids can also find all the books we use here at the MyMilitarySavings.com Book Club in their library! Free books!? I LOVE the sound of that!

Make a fun little corner or basket in your home to house your library books. How do you use your library!?