Holiday Kippis

If you’re looking for a great drink this holiday season; whether for your Christmas or New Year’s party… Do I have the drink recipe for the season for you! It is delicious and so jolly! Its a fa-la-la-festive drink.

It’s red, festive and sure to be a HUGE hit at your holiday party!   Finlandia Classic Vodka is up to six dollars ($6.00) off at your local Military Exchange valid through December 31, 2017.

Please remember to NEVER serve anyone under the legal age of twenty-one years old any alcoholic beverage.  Don’t forget to come up with a designated driver plan or even make a place for your guests to stay over night.  Live magnificently. Drink responsibly.  Arrive Alive.   Check out our tip for being a designated driver for an event or party at the end of this blog.

Finlandia Red Drop

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 oz Finlandia classic vodka
  • 1 oz cranberry juice
  • 1 dash lime juice


  1. Introduce the vodka to a dash of lime juice in an ice-filled shaker.
  2. Pour in the cranberry juice and shake free from the mundane!
  3. Strain into shot glasses.
  4. Kippis!

You may be wondering what Kippis is?   Kippis is same as saying Cheers!  So raise your glasses and say “Kippis” in place of “cheers” whenever you raise your glass of any drink containing Finlandia Classic Vodka!

If you’re looking for something festive with holiday cheer, that is non-alcoholic for your guests who aren’t 21 years old  and/or for your designated driver(s), you can try putting pomegranate into a glass of ginger-ale. Feel free to add some grenadine to it if you’d like.  It is very tasty and looks fabulously festive for your Christmas or New Year party!  Your guests who aren’t drinking can still raise their glasses and say “Kippis” with you too.


Tip for being a Designated Driver:

Don’t assume that not being able to have alcohol means that you’re not able to have delicious drinks. Try virgin versions of the alcoholic drinks, mock-tails even some interesting smoothies or shakes. The above mentioned pomegranate ginger-ale is also a great “mock-tail”.  You can try different flavored waters and iced teas as well. If you’re the type that likes hot drinks; you can have coffees, herbal teas or hot chocolates to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy.