How To Save Money On Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume prices can be downright scary. Don’t get “tricked” into paying horrifying amounts, instead “treat” yourself with savings by using these simple ideas to for how to save money on Halloween costumes!

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How To Save Money On Halloween Costumes

Make Your Own

Halloween 1998, it was dark, I was stuck in a box, covered in last year’s Christmas wrapping paper. No, this is no nightmare, it’s real life people…I was dressed up as a Christmas present! I was one of five children, whose family lived on a single income, so my mom had to get creative. Boy, did she really think outside the box 😉 I have learned that a tight budget and a little creativity can go a long way.

Now I may have the last name Stewart, but I am no Martha.  In fact I am the exact opposite, I do not have a single creative bone in my body.  I don’t let that stop me! I have made some cute homemade costumes (a beaver and a cat) for next to nothing! Point is, if I can do it so can you!!!

Need a little help coming up with inexpensive ideas for some great homemade costumes?  Browse this site to help assist and get those creative juices flowing, it has millions of fantastic ideas for DIY costumes that don’t cost an arm or a leg.

Of course, there are my fellow spouses out there that are blessed with crafty minds and hands who have the ability to sew and knit. If you happen to be one of these people, by all means take advantage of your amazing talent

I personally believe a great costume does not need to be expensive nor store bought.  By making your own you can save money, as well have a unique costume that no one else will have…win win

“Skeletons in the closet”

I recently cleaned out all of our closets, thankfully there was nothing too scary lurking in the abyss of my home.  There were however, many items I had I had forgotten about that would be great for costumes; scarves, funky shoes, costume jewelry, tutus, clothes that should never be worn out in public (i.e. onesie footed pjs I have had for 6+ years and may have used to dress up as a baby).

Even regular clothes can become the basis of any costume, for example when I was pregnant I dressed in all black, took computer paper and put the number 8 on my belly…any guess what I was? A Magic 8 ball!!! Best part, it was free!

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Lastly, don’t forget to take a peek in that makeup bag of yours, you may find just what you need to complete costumes, hello red lipstick and black eyeliner!

Now go rummage through your house and see what you find, you may be surprised!!!

Buy Clearance

I very rarely buy anything at full price, and costumes are no exception!

Just like any other holiday, the days following Halloween, everything is marked down. If you have the storage space, this would be the perfect time to buy costumes because they will be a fraction of the price! WARNING! Just be mindful when you are buying for kids, they may say they want to be a princess now, but in one year from now they could want to be an astronaut, so always take that into consideration.

For those who cannot think that far ahead and tend to do things last minute, like myself, wait till the day before or day of. Stores tend to start marking items down then, so if you don’t mind waiting and “cutting it close” it could pay off and you could score a deal!

Costumes that come back to haunt

We all know the saying, “ one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So true for Halloween costumes!

Facebook yard sale sites are one of my favorite ways to save big on everything! Some would say I’m addicted (my husband). If you have a Facebook, search to see if there are buy sell or trade groups in your area.  I’m a member to quite a few, and I have gotten some AMAZING deals, Halloween costumes being one of them.  In fact, last year I was able to snag a full costume for my youngest next to nothing.

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When I have the time, I love going to thrift stores and “popping tags.” These can be a great places to find Halloween costumes, that keep the costs low, as well as finding great items to put a costume together. Just know you may have to have some patience and do a bit of digging, but I promise it will pay off!

I realize some may be hesitant to buy used costumes that are used from strangers, and I totally understand!!! This would be the perfect time for those siblings hand me downs, or to raid your friend’s closets for costumes (ask them first, of course ). Maybe even do a costume swap amongst your friends and give those costumes a second chance! Best part it’s FREE!!!

Check out this quick video on HOW TO CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN ON A BUDGET!

What are your tips for how to save money on Halloween costumes?  We would love to hear your ideas and see pictures of your Halloween costumes! Here’s to a Happy Haunted Halloween! BOO!!