Indian in the Cupboard – Week 2

Well Omri has now brought another little figure to life. He needed someone to help with medical attention for Little Bear, as his leg was injured by his horse. So Omri grabbed a medic, and brought him to life through the cabinet!  Once he is back up and moving, Little Bear wants the materials to build a house, as well as prepare his own food. He also wants a wife. Omri is not quite ready to let him start hunting in his bedroom, but he will bring the supplies that he can for the longhouse that Little Bear wants to build.

Patrick is excited about trying to bring one of his own toys to life. He wants to have his own small live person. But Patrick is not as careful as Omri is, and something is surely bound to go wrong! Can Omri and Patrick manage to hold their secret?


This week we are reading Chapters 5-8


1. Omri is doing his best to take care of Little Bear. Do you think he should have turned him back into a toy as soon as he figured out what the cabinet did?

2. When you have a secret that you do not want anyone else to know, is it safe to tell anyone?

3. What would you do with your own little Indian?


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  1. Rebecca Hill author

    October 12, 2015

    What a fun read so far! My kids are loving reading through this book!

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