Indian in the Cupboard – Week 3

Patrick has decided that Little Bear and Boone need to come to school the next day, and he has told Omri that if he does not bring them, that he will tell everyone about them. Omri knows it is not a good idea, but there is not much that he can do! So the next morning when Omri goes to school, Boone and Little Bear are in his pocket. Patrick is so excited to have them close, but of course, with two tiny small people in your pocket, something is bound to go wrong!


As they go through their day, Patrick disappears with Little Bear and Boone at lunch, and they are late coming back to class. The teacher does not buy Patrick’s explanation that he lost track of time and forgot to come back. Now he and Omri are on their way to the headmasters office, to explain their behavior in the classroom. Will they be able to keep their secret??


This week we are reading Chapters 9-12


1. Little Bear and Boone are enemies, what do you think can go wrong with them being in the same room?

2. Patrick does not seem to understand the implications of bringing his plastic cowboy to life. Should he have listened to Omri?

3. Patrick has let the secret out of the bag, but what will happen now?


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