Inflatable Run Lake Elsinore March 16th

I have been a runner since I can remember. I was always on a cross country or track team – on top of all the other sports I played in high school. Even when I played other sports, our coaches would make us participate in the 5K’s around the area.

Now fast-forward to young adulthood, I still like to run; however I like “fun runs”, like the bubble run, glow run, the mud run etc., so I’m super excited about this one! This year on March 16th, the city of Lake Elsinore is having an Inflatable Run from 8:00 am til 2:00 pm. If you cannot make this one, do not worry! They are taking this run to other locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, too!

This run is a 5K and can be completed by any age. Kids and strollers are also welcome! You have the choice to complete just one lap at a time or three laps all at once. If you choose to do one lap at a time, there are other activities you can do before you head back to complete another lap. There are specific inflatables for different ages, therefore all ages can take part in this event. Tickets can be bought by clicking here.