Are you looking for a Boy Scout Troop close to post? Look no further! Troop 802 has been rechartered, and is gearing up to get off the ground. They will be meeting at the Grove Presbyterian Church on 50 E. Bel Air Road, in Aberdeen, Maryland.

If you are looking for more information, you can add the Facebook page Boy Scout Troop 802, and follow along for all news and information related to the troop. Meetings will be starting soon! Are you wondering if you are ready for Boy Scouts? The Boy Scout program is for youth who are 11 years old, are at least ten years old and have finished the fifth grade, or are at least ten years old and have earned the Arrow of Light rank as a Cub Scout.

Boys will learn fun skills such as how to start a fire in the woods, whittling, camping, cooking food over a fire, basic survival skills, and SO MUCH MORE! Join now for years of fun and learning!