What Memorial Day Really Means

Whether you were out and enjoying your day in the sun or home fixing up the house and yard, we are always reminded that Memorial Day is a day of reflecting on the men and women who lost their lives saving ours.

It’s become a 3-day weekend for all America to somehow celebrate and yet it was given to us to take time to be silent and reflect on those who lost their lives in war; killed by fighting against the enemy.
I think about the families who are painfully reminded of this day and how they spend their time at the graves of their loved ones. The day is sad and mournful to them. The only happiness for this day is having the people they love there today standing next to them.

So as we start to make our next Memorial weekend plans, getaways, bbq’s, etc., bring with you the reminder of those who are not opening their eyes to the warm sun, getting up to pack their car or eat that meal, and their families who will not have the same feeling of Memorial Day.