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Misery – Week 3

Alright dear readers, we are about to jump back into the terrifying adventure Paul is on. This week will have you on the edge of your seat, just waiting to see what will happen next, as Annie continues to hold Paul captive.


Annie has left Paul again, off on one of her unhinged rages. As she takes off into the winter evening, he knows that he is going to have to fend for himself, but carefully. He must proceed with caution through the house, and try to not disturb anything. He takes small amounts of food, and water, trying to conserve what he has. Her pantry is well stocked, so he does not think she will miss anything, but all the same, he proceeds slowly and deliberately. After stocking up, he moves back toward the bedroom, when he notices the book of memories on the floor. As he reaches for it, he wonders what he will find inside. Opening the cover, it seems innocent enough, but the horrors the book contains just give full measure to the mad-woman that Annie Wilkes truly is. As he turns page after page, he his fear of her grows. The last page of the book holds an article of his disappearance, giving him some hope that help might one day arrive.

After returning to his room, and trying to erase the marks the best he can, he pops some medication and falls asleep. But his temporary reprieve from Annie is fixing to end – and in a terrifying way. When he wakes up, he is getting a shot, something Annie has given him. ANNIE! She crept back up to the house and came upon him unaware. While she explains the news she brings back, she is preparing something, and when Paul realizes what it is – he knows his life is fixing to be changed forever…. but this is only the beginning of what she has planned for him, and the terrors that the coming days will hold.

This week we are reading pages 187 (section 17) – page 273 (stopping before section 15).


  1. Do you think Paul could have escaped the house if he had wanted to?
  2. What do you think Annie’s end game is here?
  3. Should Paul have kept quiet when the State Trooper arrived?