Nefertiti – Week 2

Good day dear readers! The court in Egypt is about to find themselves in major upset! Palace intrigue, fear of assassination, and more await you in this weeks section! Grab your books and lets get ready to see where the adventures are going to take us this week!


The court of the young pharaoh is moving to Memphis. While the Elder pharaoh still rules in Thebes, Amunhotep and Nefertiti are moving to a new location, to begin their lives fresh. As the queen of Egypt, Nefertiti is radiant. She has won the heart of Amunhotep and has become the First Wife. But her position is still not secure. With Kiya pregnant and fixing to birth the first heir to the throne of Egypt, Nefertiti is determined to not be bested in this. She will do whatever she has to to make sure that she remains first and foremost in the pharaoh’s life, and has shown that she will use whatever means necessary to remain.

Panahesi, the father of Kiya is equally as determined to ensure that his family does not fall from prominence in the new court. While he does everything he can to retain a power grip on the new king, their star is slowly fading. Ay, the father of Mutnodjmet and Nefertiti, he is one of the most power viziers in the country. While he rules from behind the throne, he must also placate his sister, the queen Tiye, and ensure that everything is done to not upset the balance of power within the country. With the new pharaoh, this is proving to be a harder job that first thought. While he plans to embark on a new Egypt, one that will follow a new god and build new temples, Amunhotep seems to have forgotten the people of Egypt. In his mind, everything is simple and laid out, but to the majority of those around him, they are shocked and shaken to the core. No one can defiantly tell pharaoh that it is a bad idea, and even Nefertiti, who was supposed to reign him in and exert some control over him, seems to have gotten lost in the power struggle and dominance in being remembered after death.

When pharaoh makes the determination to move the capitol of Egypt from Thebes to a new location that he will build, chaos erupts. He also changes his name from Amunhotep to Ahkenaton, completely throwing off the old gods to embrace the new.  The old priests are being done away with, and they are being given one chance to come over to the new god, or be sentenced to certain death in the quarries. Mutnodjmet, as the sister to the Kings Chief Wife has a different take on everything. She is horrified by the changes that are occurring, and wants nothing more than a peaceful life away from the palace and the intrigues within. General Nakhtmin has slowly won her over, and she is ready to throw everything away to be his wife. While they arrange secret meetings, waiting for the new city of Armara to be complete, she forgets her sister in everything. She must have her sister or fathers approval to marry, but her headstrong ways have made her throw caution to the wind. Instead of being pleased, Nefertiti and Akhenaton are furious. Nakhtmin is sent to fight the Hittites, and someone poisons Mutnodjmet causing her to lose the child that she was carrying. With this betrayal from her sister, Mutnodjmet has reached the end of catering to her sisters every desire….

This week we are reading Chapters 9-16


  1. Amunhotep/Akhenaton does not come across as a sympathetic figure thus far. How do you perceive him?
  2. Nefertiti was given the role of keeping the new pharaoh in line, but she instead seems to be pushing his ideas forward, regardless of the consequences. Do you think that she is in love with power or the idea of being remembered?
  3. Why do you think Mutnodjmet is determined to stay in the background? Should she want to be remembered or is she safer distancing herself from the rest of her family?