New Listerine® Products at Your Commissary!


Oral health is a big deal in my house! We brush every morning and evening, and then we use Listerine®.  Listerine® helps get rid of germs and reduces plaque, all while helping to prevent gingivitis! Listerine® mouthwash has something for everyone in your family.  From the Listerine® Smart Rinse® for kids to Listerine® Sensitivity for those with sensitive teeth, Listerine Mouthwash is sure to be a winner for your family.  Check out some of the great products Listerine® has to offer:

The Original Line-



Total Care- With Up To 7x Greater Fluoride Uptake* Than Leading Brands For Strong Teeth, LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE Prevents Cavities, Restores Enamel And Builds Stronger Teeth Than Brushing Alone.


UltraClean®- For That Dentist-Fresh Feeling, You Need A Rinse That Kills Plaque And Germs And Offers Powerful Tartar Prevention.


Smart Rinse®- To Help Little Mouths Fight Cavities In A Big Way. Available In Kid-Friendly Flavors And Fun Themes.


Sensitivity®- Uniquely formulated tooth sensitivity mouthwash begins working immediately to help shield and protect sensitive areas of teeth.

Right now at your local commissary, Listerine® has added new items for your shopping pleasure! You are sure to find something for everyone on your list! So, stop in and visit your local commissary and pick up all of your favorite Listerine® items! For more deals, coupons, savings, and more visit: