October is National Book Month!

As if we needed any more reason to love OCTOBER! Say YES to books this month! There are so many to love out there, and they are just waiting to be discovered. I am going to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and trying something new! We all have our favorite genre’s that we love to read, but sometimes you have to step outside that box and pick up a random book. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of goes out the window here! Totally find a book based JUST on the cover! Look for those books and see what jumps out at you. Flip through a few pages, and see if its something you will read – then run home and start reading!!

You know that you are a total bookie when your moods are based on what is going on with the characters in the book that you are currently reading. I was in a snarky mood the other day, and when my kids called me out on it, I told them that the book I was reading had just killed off one of my favorite characters. I  mean, how can they do that!? Authors play with your emotions, sometimes worse than real life can! Here is a quick list I put together, just to see how addicted to books you are! What is your number??

  1. You buy books based on the authors name alone
  2. Your library card gets used more than your credit card
  3. You owe more money to the library than the doctor ( one must FINISH the book before returning it)
  4. All the librarians know you by name, and will keep a book back for you – knowing that you will be in within the next few days
  5. You have turned an entire room in your house into a library
  6. You buy books without really looking at the price, but bargain shop for everything else
  7. Watching for the mailman cause you just finished one book and need a fix – hopefully before your spouse gets home to discover that you have indeed bought more books.
  8. You learn to “hide” new books in the house, so as not to have to account for how much you spent
  9. Books are the only gifts you seriously consider buying anyone for holidays or birthdays
  10. Your “to be read” mountain has outgrown your own life expectancy, so you have it placed in your will to pass on to another family member
  11. Poor weather days are to be celebrated – more reading time!
  12. Dinner is whatever can be cooked with one hand – the other hand is keeping your book open
  13. You base future living spaces off whether or not you can fit all your books inside, and still have room for the rest of the family
  14. You might be a little to excited when someone asks you for book recommendations
  15. Books take up more room in your luggage than actual clothing will – what else does one do on vacation?

Well?? What is your number? What would you add to the list that our book lady didn’t think of?? Now, I am off to challenge my own reading tendencies and find a new book to love…