OREO Most Stuf Inside Promotion

Do you remember when you were a kid, sitting down with your parents with a cup of milk and OREO’s? You were either twisting them apart to get to the good stuff inside, or you were dunking them inside a glass full of cold milk. I do, and I always twisted my OREO’s apart to get to the white fluffy cream, my favorite part of an OREO!

Apparently, this tradition has been going on long before I was even born. In fact, it has been an ongoing tradition for the past 100 years. OREO has now made an announcement that is bigger and better than any other announcements they made in the past. Beginning February 4th up until National OREO Day, March 6th, they will be offering fans to go to OREO.com to participate in their special promotion that is celebrating new The Most Stuf OREO’s.

Yes, you are thinking correctly. These OREO’s are stuffed even more than Double Stuf. No longer will you want to buy Double Stuf, instead you will be turning to The Most Stuf. However, you better stock up on these because according to OREO, The Most Stuf OREO’s are a limited edition that won’t last forever.

Information about The Stuff Inside Promotion:
Once you buy some OREO’s go to OREO.com. You than scan your OREO cookies. This enters you in to win daily prizes, EVERYDAY SOMEONE WINS SOMETHING! There are prizes from sweet treats and limited-edition items that can be from a fashion, home décor, or even tech and auto categories. OREO also collaborated with different brands for what they call “unexpected merchandise”. Two of my favorite brands they teamed up with is Jeep and K2 Snowboarding, but they also teamed up with many others too.

P.s. On 2/10, a coupon will be available for $1 off any two OREO Packages so keep your eyes peeled!