OREO What’s Your Stuf Sweepstakes!

OREO Cookies have something for everyone. From OREO Thins, to the Classic OREO, Double Stuf, Fudge Covered, and even On-The-Go! OREO Cookies have always had a special place in my family. We are, what you might call, OREO connoisseurs. 

OREO Thins Peppermint Bark is one of the centerpieces for our holiday cookie tray. All you need is a pack of OREO Thins, white melting chocolate, and crushed peppermint pieces. Melt the white chocolate and carefully dip each cookie.Then sprinkle crushed peppermint over the cookies and allow them to set.

Classic OREO Cookies have been my traditional bedtime snack every night for the last 30 years. My Dad and I would sit and dunk our cookies in milk every night long into my teenage years. Now my kids and I do the same – though they are more into eating all the creme and giving me the cookie!

And of course my kids love the On-The-Go packs for their game day and traveling snacks. These are so conveniently packaged, keep well (even in their backpacks and sports bags), and are always a hit!

But have you heard the latest news? The biggest stuf is back- OREO Most Stuf! So much delicious OREO creme.  But it’s only back for a limited time so I’m heading to the commissary to make sure I get some.

Want even more exciting news? You can cast your vote on your favorite OREO Cookie variety for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Check out the OREO What’s Your Stuf? Sweepstakes! You can vote on your favorite Stuf for a chance to win $100,000. Head on over to www.whatsyourstuf.com and cast your vote for your favorite variety of OREO between 01/13/2020 and 03/15/2020. Once you vote, you will be automatically entered to win a prize instantly from OREO. So be sure to visit www.whatsyourstuf.com for the Official Rules and how to play today! Good luck!