Meatless Monday Recipe

Hello Monday! Welcome back to another delicious Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms Meatless Monday recipe. I’m feeling a little Southwest and thought this awesome recipe would be perfect to share with all of you! It’s delicious and you are going to love it!!  Doesn’t that image just make your mouth water?! Here’s the recipe!  Toasted Corn-and-Poblano-Stuffed […]

Vegan On A Budget: The Scotch Sour 7

It’s a common misconception that spirits are all Vegan. You should see the look on faces when I ask if they sell Vegan wine. “Aren’t all wines vegan since they are made of grapes?“. The answer is….No. Actually, some wines (& beers) are processed through the bladders of fish {or use gelatin in its ingredients}. […]

Wine pairing with your VALENTINE’S DINNER!

With Valentineā€™s Day quickly approaching people are planning for the best day for their SWEETIE!! Visiting WWW.WINESTYLEGUIDE.COM pairs the perfect wine to go with your PERFECT dinner choice. If you are having beef, fish, seafood or pasta this website will not steer you wrong. If you have a dinner you absolutely love with a WINE […]

The Boxcar Children -Book 1 – Week 1

Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are orphans. They have decided to run away from their grandfather whom they have decided is very mean. Their adventures are just beginning!! Read on to find out what adventures they discover!! This week we are reading chapters 1-3 Questions: 1. The baker’s wife wants Benny sent to a children’s […]