PTSD & Fireworks

I’ve contemplated how to approach this sensitive subject without offending either side. Lord knows I do not feel qualified to offer advice on the subject as I battle my own demons (not combat related). With the celebration of America descending upon us in less than a week, I know my own worries are already triggered […]

Homemade Seashell Wind Chimes #MMSCraft

It’s been two weeks since we returned from the beach and I still miss it daily. One of the things we do every time we go to the beach is pick up sea shells. If I was more organized I’d have jars labeled with where each were picked. I’m not, so I have random bags […]

Howliday Inn – Week 4

Chester has returned, and Harold is beyond excited to see his friend, especially when he finds out that he is not a ghost and is still alive! Now they wake the other animals and begin the process of solving the mystery at last, and trying to explain the disappearance of two more animals from Chateau […]

Beyond the Horizons – Week 4

The name of the game this week is revenge. As we follow Mace and Tom through their final stages of their journey, we see the last stand of the Snake Dancers, and their reign of terror¬†that they were meting out throughout Arizona. Teaming up with Mordecai, Mace is able to get out of the desert […]