Bolivian-Style Peanut Soup

How was Christmas?! We had a great time! How’s the weather for you in your area now? It’s feeling more like Christmas in Texas now. So it’s time for soup! Bolivian-Style Peanut Soup to be exact! I am so impressed with the amazing recipes by Kellogg’s brand MorningStarFarms Products and this soup is no different. Perfect for […]

One Second After – Week 4

Wowza, hold onto your hats folks! This weeks adventure is a topsy-turvy one for sure! John and the militia are embroiled in the battle of their lives. They are determined to save their town and save their friends and family. The Posse on the other hand are determined to wipe them all out for the […]

Author Interview with David Ebsworth

  Hi Dave, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background? Hello Rebecca, and thanks for inviting me. Well, first, David Ebsworth is just my pen name. My real name’s Dave McCall and I was born in Liverpool (UK) in 1949 I was brought up there but […]

How do we choose the perfect book!?

Finding the “perfect” book is harder than one can imagine! As we move through the MMS book club, and work on finding the books that we share with you… it can be a hard choice sometimes! There are so many great books and so little time to read them all! Am I the only one […]