Trumpet of the Swan – Week 4

Louis is a very popular bird!! His trumpet playing is a novelty for crowds everywhere. Before long, Louis gets another job offer, playing for a night club in Philadelphia. He plays there for ten weeks, and earns more than enough money to repay the shop owner for the trumpet and the damage to the window. […]

Tasty Easter Treats

Everyone brings cute colored eggs to Easter gatherings, so why not add a little color to the table with the delicious easy fun craft!! You will need: 1. Your Favorite sugar cookie recipe (mixed and ready to bake) 2. Sprinkles 3. Fun designs for your cookies! Cookie cutters work great for this! After you bake […]

Fun Friday Craft: Pin the Buckle Game

I absolutely love holiday crafts! St. Patrick’s Day is next week and if you are looking for a fun game to play with your family this Pin The Buckle game will have everyone laughing and having a great time.  Similar to the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, when I found this kid friendly […]