I Love You Forever..

      Parenting is one the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. The only compensation that parents receive is the unconditional love of a child, and yet, that is the best feeling in the world. As we watch them grow from babies into adults, we watch their horizons grow and expand. Not […]

Homemade Turtle #MMSCraft

We are learning a lot about animals this summer. This week we happened to drive by a turtle trying to cross the road and that sparked the interest in turtles. We don’t homeschool but the learning doesn’t stop when school ends in May. Have to keep their little minds growing and when you are able to […]

Happy National Tequila Day!! YAY!!

Did you know that today is National Tequila Day? Another reason to have an ADULT beverage!! I am in…. Did you also know that TEQUILA is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant? It can MOST definitely turn a boring night around!! Tequila goes well with any party,function, or gathering…..You can drink it […]

The Secret Garden – Week 4

Mary and Colin have been working on restrengthening Colin’s body, and trying to keep their secret from the entire house is becoming harder than they thought. The food that they used to barely touch is now being scarfed down and raising eyebrows in the kitchen. So  they decide that they have to start leaving some […]

The Help – Week 4

Life in the South is never boring, but life in Jackson Mississippi is raging! The ladies of the League have been planning the benefit, which is the highlight of the party season. Poor Celia Foote has not been able to break into the league, but she is determined to NOT miss the party! Minny has […]