Plum Organics Month of the Military Child Giveaway!

From the very first bite to the first day of preschool, Plum Organics has been a staple in my pantry! Why? Because Plum Organics Food Philosophy is: Little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite! As any parent, I want the best nutritious foods filling my growing babies bodies!

What we feed our kids in the early months and years matter, and Plum Organics is there every step of the way:

Stage 1 (4 – 6 Months)

Stage 2 (6 Months+)

Stage 3 (8 Months+)

Plum Organics meets all the nutritious needs for those first 1,000 days. Not going to lie, my kids still love Plum Organics pouches, now that they are older and always on the go, and I love that they can get the fruits, veggies and grains they need in a healthy snack.  Seriously, it’s hard to fit nutritious foods in our kids bellies especially if you have picky eaters or vegetable haters but Plum Organics makes it easy providing  a variety of flavors and textures there’s sure to be something ever the pickiest pallet will enjoy!

But, that’s not all! In addition to all the delicious Plum Organics products, they are giving FOUR lucky military families a chance to win a $25 Commissary Gift Card AND a Plum Organics Prize Assortment value at $25! Enter now through 4/31/2019!