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Relieve Heartburn With Tums Or Nexium!

As the holidays loom closer, there are many things that can cause heartburn. From stress to foods, something is bound to give you that feeling of discomfort. There are going to be so many dishes of amazing foods this year. As many are cutting down on their gatherings, that means more great food for me — I mean, you! I don’t know about you, but there are so many foods that I am looking forward to, I am starting to wonder if we can have an entire week of Thanksgiving celebrations, just to fit them all in! Don’t forget to add Tums and Nexium to your shopping list and menu!

Now, as soon as I finish eating, I have to convince myself that I can breathe. As soon as I change into sweatpants, and get comfortable on the couch – the dreaded heartburn will make its appearance.

You don’t have to suffer! By keeping Tums or Nexium in your home, you can kick heartburn to the curb before it begins – or before it gets too bad! Get ready for fabulous relief – and not just for your wallet! Next time you are at the Commissary, be sure to stock up on these great items! The price is right – just in time for the holidays!

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