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Sidewalk Sales = More SAVINGS!

Before school started our Post Exchange and Commissaries hit us with some amazing deals on school supplies and lunchbox items to jump start the new year. When we are buying new wardrobes, shoes, notebooks, and backpacks… we need all the savings we can get! Right!?? Right! Well… Kellogg’s completely understands. And they’ve decided to not stop the Hot Deals just yet!!

My pantry was packed the week before school and it was very quickly depleted. Breakfast snacks, afternoon snacks, lunchbox snacks, after-school snacks… they all disappeared before my eyes. So thank goodness the SIDEWALK SALES continue!!! Some of my children’s absolute favorites are on super sale right now, just in time for me to completely stock up again. Special K® bars, Cheez-Its®, Pringles®, fruit snacks… YES, YES, YES!!! Seriously, there are days that I have considered renting a storage unit, just to keep extra snacks on hand! Between my own kids and the neighborhood friends that come over to play, nothing stays in my house for long!



Make sure you check out your local Commissary and Exchange to find some great Kellogg’s savings while it lasts! Original Pringles® are only $1.00!? Get out of here!! 20.8 oz. boxes of Nutri-Grain bars are only $2.79!! You could go broke saving money! 🙂

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