Social Media Luncheon July 26th

Let’s talk social media!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are used by individuals all over the world.  Let’s admit it, social media keeps us informed and can be quite entertaining. Social media allows for us to freely express ourselves and its an important platform for many organizations, and used as a way to stay in contact with family members and friends.

Fort Lee’s Army Family Team Building (AFTB)  understands the importance of such platforms; which has lead them to host an luncheon to discuss social media. The luncheon will discuss different topics that will allow for effective communication, and discuss some challenges as well. Individuals are encouraged to participate in this free event to learn the in’s and out’s of social media; while also networking as well.

See below to for registration details:

July 26, 2018 from 11am-1pm
You must RSVP no later than July 22. School-aged children are welcome and must be accompanied by a parent.
Tel: +1(804)734-7979

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