Spring Eggstravaganza April 3rd

when: April 3rd  4pm – 6pm

where: North Haven Community Center, 4268 Neely Rd, Fort Wainwright Alaska

Join the North Haven Community Center for a hoppin’ good time! “Egg Scramble” a non-traditional eggventure, eggs with 1 to 2 pieces of candy inside will be scattered outside on the snow and pavement and kids will scramble to grab them up. Please dress children appropriately to go outside. Visit with the Easter Bunny!

Parents can take the Annual Army Housing Survey while here also to be entered into the $1000 Early Bird Prize drawing.

There are three “scrambles” with three sectioned off areas for the three age groups. At the individually scheduled times, all three groups will gather eggs and there will be a limit to the number of eggs your child may gather. We want to ensure that every child can share in the fun. Your child will only be able to participate in one scramble.

The specific times are as follows:
4:15 pm
4:45 pm
5:30 pm

The specific age groups are as follows:
0 to 3
4 to 6
7 to 12

A single “golden ticket” for one special prize will be hidden in one egg for each age group, no guarantee at what time the ticket will be found.