Starvation Heights – Week 1

Claire and Dorothea Williamson are rich spinster sisters, with money to do whatever they wish to. They are currently on the hunt for a “super cure” with which they hope to get rid of any ailments they feel they have.

Dr. Linda Hazzard is a doctor who feels she is “misunderstood” by all the male medical doctors of her time. She is persecuted and belittled, in her mind, because her treatments are superior to theirs. But what happens when the good doctor is accused of murder?
This week we are reading Chapters 1-11
1. Does Dr. Linda Hazzard have the “miraculous cure” she claims?
2. Are Claire and Dorothea making up illnesses they do not have?
3. Would you let someone know where you were going to be, just in case? Claire and Dorothea kept all their plans secret, so that their relatives would not find out where they were going. Was that smart?

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