Storyteller – Week 4

Jack and Stelinda’s plan is not going as they wanted. Stelinda is beginning to believe that Jack no longer cares about the big picture and only cares about himself. Jack believes Yoss and Zephyrio when they tell him he will soon be free. Jack only wants to tell his stories, not the stories that the King and Illusionist are forcing him to tell across the land. As the days progress he finds that he is getting more disillusioned with Yoss and his “promises.”

Jack finds out about true friendship, the real meaning of love, and happy endings for everyone, but is there one possible for Jack?

This week we are reading Chapters 71-end of the book.
1. Yoss has promised his realm that they will have great abundance, but the King seems to be the only one profiting from the abundance. Is he being very selfish?
2. Loquasto turned his back on Jack for a short time, and Jack finally realized how he had been treating his friend. Do you take your friends for granted like Jack did?
3. Will Jack and Stelinda find their happily ever after? Can you move past a hurt and find joy instead?
4. What was your favorite part of the book??

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