Sweet Summer Pepsi Treat

So the summer is approaching! I know I’m looking forward to the warm weather, grilling outside, and some great cold treats! Ice cream is always a summer staple around our house. Yesterday I was able to show my kiddos how we can give our ice cream a twist. I showed them how to make floats! Traditional floats are made with root beer, and Mug Root Beer is definitely a staple of ours but, I allowed the kids to pick the soda of their choice. So we grabbed our sodas and vanilla ice cream from the commissary and headed home to make our treats. 

We got our ice cream cups and put in a scoop of vanilla.

Then we proceeded to pour some soda over top. Pour as much or as little as you like.

Next, we enjoyed our creations. We have Pepsi, Mountain Dew Code Red, and Mountain Dew Live Wire. We loved this cool treat. Pepsi has so many great sodas, and flavors to choose from!

Whether you want to keep it classic and get a Mug Root Beer or try something different, Pepsi has got you covered.