Taco & Beer Festival March 23rd

Being a Pescatarian, I do not eat much meat at all. However, I will sometimes eat meat, but it is very rare. Well this one event I will most definitely be eating meat. I mean, who can pass up tacos! Knowing my husband, he would probably be there for the beer more, but he would totally eat the tacos, too. I mean what Marine would pass on food? None. I guess you could say it is a win-win situation for both of us. I get to eat tacos, I do not have to cook dinner, and my husband gets to drink all the beer and eat all the tacos he desires.

Well, speaking of which… San Diego is hosting their annual Taco & Beer Festival. This festival will be happening on March 23rd starting at 2:00 pm and lasting up until 5:00 pm. At this festival, there will be unlimited pours of craft beer. The beer will be from local and regional breweries. And the best part…unlimited TACO TASTING! These taco tastings will be from local restaurants and food trucks from the Southern California area. There will also be a few boutique vendors if you want to shop around too, for all you ladies. DJ’s, games and so much more will also be at this event.

Don’t worry though, if your spouse is there for the beer and tacos but you aren’t there are options of buying other food and drinks from the food truck vendors.

*Must be 21 years or older to attend, and bring a valid ID
*VIP Tickets will get you into the event at 1:00 pm instead of 2:00 pm*

Address: 1000 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 or Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier
Ticket Prices Range: $42-$55 sold at www.eventbrite.com (sales end March 22nd)
More information can be found at www.sdtacobeerfest.com