Why parents love Huggies!

Alright ya’ll, lets talk babies! Babies are fun, they smell fantastic, and they have the best clothing ever! Seriously, I wish some of that stuff was in my size! But babies are more than just cute, dress up dolls. They are work.. lots of work! I can remember sleepless nights, walking babies back and forth […]

DIY Burb Rag

We all want those super cute, one of a kind baby items that NO ONE else has! Well, now you can, at a fraction of the cost! These were really easy to do, and you can make several of them! You can make them all the same, or all different, its totally up to you! […]

The Light Between Oceans – Week Two

Isabel is depressed. She has been unable to bear a living child, and the last one was almost more than she could bear. Just when all hope seems to be lost, a miracle arrives on their little island. A boat washes up with two occupants, the body of a man, and a baby. The baby […]