The Count of Monte Cristo – Week Three

The noose is beginning to tighten around the prey. Those who feel the tightening noose have no idea what is going on, but the appearance of the Count of Monte Cristo in Paris has thrown the wealthy into an uproar. Anyone who is anybody wants to make his acquaintance and claim him as a friend. […]

Bridge to Terabithia – Week 3

Jess and Leslie have been spending all of their spare time together. Their kingdom is flourishing and the stories continue to flow while the King and Queen build their imaginary kingdom. Easter rolls around and Leslie asks for permission to go to Church with the family. Jess thinks she is nuts, as he cannot think […]

The Count of Monte Cristo – Week Two

In our first week of reading, we saw the trials that poor Edmond Dantes was forced to endure. The young man was a victim to those who wished to further advance themselves in one way or another, and the road to revenge can be bittersweet. We left off with Edmond finding the fantastic treasure that […]

Bridge to Terabithia – Week 2

Jess is getting into the swing of school, and coming to the realization that he will never be known as the best runner in the fifth grade. But when Leslie wins for the second week in a row, the running games unofficially come to a close. Ms. Edmond’s is back at the school, and Jess […]

Bridge to Terabithia – Week 1

Jess has been training all summer. He wants to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade, and he has been working extremely hard to make sure that he can do it. When the first day of school finally rolls around, he is ready and biding his time until recess. But one of the first […]