MMS book club

Hey Kids! It is time to start another journey into the land of fairy tales and adventure! This month we are going through the book “Eragon” by Christopher Paolini. If you have been following the book club for a while, then you will remember the first few Land of Stories books that we have read. […]

Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 4

The French army is ready to attack! With the battle imminent, all forces throughout the kingdom are scrambling to ensure that they are ready. The French are assured of their victory, knowing they outnumber the armies from all the kingdoms. But there is something that they have not counted on, and something that even the […]

Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 3

The Grande Armee has overthrown the Pinocchio Prison, and one of the prisoners, the Masked Man, has offered his services to the General. He knows that in order to overthrow the Fairy Government they will need a dragon. He is doing his best to stay in the good graces of the General who wants to […]

Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 1

Conner is missing his sister Alex something terrible. She has stayed behind in the Land of Stories as a Fairy-in-training, while Conner has returned to the real world, and school. Not everyone believes that his sister is in Vermont, but few have dared to voice it out loud. When Conner gets an invitation from his […]

MMS May Book Club Choices!

It is hard to believe that its time to announce those new reads! Time is flying by, and our list of exciting adventures is growing. If you have not looked over the list of what we have done, you can see it here. But why stop when our adventures are just getting better and better!?? […]