‘Salem’s Lot – Week 2

Well.. we left off on a bit of a cliff hanger last time eh dear readers!? This week promises a full round of adventure, terror, and a little bit of the unknown… Ben Mears is back in town to write a book, but he finds himself drawn more and more to the Marsten House. Something […]

A Reliable Wife – Week 3

Catherine is still in Chicago trying to convince Anthony to come home, but she is not in a hurry as she has stated to her husband in letters. She is enjoying the romance that is coming from the son and the diabolical plan they had set into motion. As the time moves forward, Catherine becomes more […]

A Reliable Wife – Week 2

Ralph and Catherine have started their life together. Catherine is overawed by the beauty of the house that Ralph built for his first wife. She loves the baubles that were left behind. She plays with the jewels and dresses that are to small for her. All the while she goes through her plan for the […]