Who doesn’t love a good festival or fair during the seasons of Spring and Summer? I absolutely love festival hopping! This year on April 7th, the City of San Marcos is hosting their annual Spring Festival. Last year over 20,000 people had came…I wonder how many will come this year? For those who do not […]

Since moving to California, I have always heard of “Lantern Festivals”, and I have yet gone to one. It is definitely on my list to do this month as there are so many happening at the end of March, and I cannot wait. This would be the perfect outing for a date, or even as […]

NOVA Mac & Cheese Fest April 27th

I think I have died and gone to heaven because in April “The Great American Food Truck Festival” is hosting a NOVA Mac & Cheese Festival! My family and I are so excited! There will be over 25 vendors serving their version of mac & cheese! It is advertised as “the MOST anticipated festival of 2019!” So, you […]

I always love to see all the different events that are happening around St. Patrick’s Day. It seems that all events this year are happening on March 16th instead – due to the fact St. Paddy’s Day falls on a Sunday. I guess people don’t want to go into work on a Monday morning hungover […]

Being a Pescatarian, I do not eat much meat at all. However, I will sometimes eat meat, but it is very rare. Well this one event I will most definitely be eating meat. I mean, who can pass up tacos! Knowing my husband, he would probably be there for the beer more, but he would […]