I finally have an oven! Oh, happy day! Since my boys have been such troopers 😉 during this move and renovation, I decided we needed a little celebration. I was inspired after I browsed Pinterest for a bit (okay a while!) and landed on Whoopie Pies! My guys have never had whoopie pie so I […]

Looking for a quick and inexpensive meal to put in the Crockpot tonight? This recipe could not be any easier! It’s been another week for us without a stove (Oh, the joys of renovating a kitchen) and we are OFFICIALLY over eating out. I didn’t think it could happen with my boys, but they just […]

Aaaand I’m back! We’re all moved in (sort of.) Back to where it all began at our first duty station, Kings Bay, GA. While we love this small town, there’s one thing I’ve been missing. A certain coffee shop with deliciously flavored (albeit slightly overpriced) coffee drinks you didn’t know you needed 😉 Oh, how […]