Yay, it’s time for another Nerdy Nibbles! 😉 I have a lot of fun picking out fun little recipes based on different pop culture references, and this week was no exception! I really like making recipes that coincide with the month or holidays so this month I wanted to make something warm and delicious that […]

Harry Potter Pumpkin Party with Nerdy Nibbles

Hey everyone! It’s September, which means it’s ALMOST October and that’s close enough to Halloween for me! 😉 As a family, we LOVE Halloween. It’s one of our favorite holidays and I especially love to throw a themed Halloween party. I’m thinking Harry Potter this year so I decided to test out a few recipes. […]

I’ve been WAITING for this Christmas version of Nerdy Nibbles. I’m so excited guys. It’s time for HARRY POTTER! YAY! I’ve been planning what to do for months and then completely forgot that, hey, we’re PCSing across the country in December. Duh, Amber. So my wonderful Harry Potter plans had to be condensed. Boo. There […]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Week 4

There is nothing worse than finding out a trusted friend might be responsible for the monstrous happenings that have been going on at Hogwarts. But Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are having to grapple with the fact that Hagrid might have been the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets the first time fifty years earlier. […]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Week 3

Harry seems to keep being thrust into the limelight, and not because he wants to be there. Professor Lockhart calls on Harry for each of his demonstrations in class! Acting the parts of vampires and werewolves, he helps the professor enact some of the highlights from his books, if only to keep the professor in a […]