POW/MIA Recognition Day

On the third Friday of each September, we recognize those who have served our great nation but have not returned home. We take this time to honor those who have been classified as a Prisoner of War or Missing in Action.  September 18, 2015 all military installations fly the POW/MIA flag right beneath the American flag. […]

Purple Heart Day, A day of Heroes

Anyone associated with the military knows the honor of the Purple Heart. The medal is used to recognize the sacrifice of those who have been injured or killed in battle. The Purple Heart is a badge of honor, service and unselfish sacrifice. On 7 August 1782, George Washington, the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army […]

US Coast Guard Day

The US Coast Guard has undergone many changes during its short history. When the Coast Guard was first formed on 4 August 1790, their purpose was to enforce the tariff laws which had been enacted under the Constitution. Alexander  Hamilton was the initial founder, as the Secretary of the Treasury. For the next 125 years they functioned as […]

Author Interview with Noble Smith

My name is Noble Smith and I come from a long line of veterans (Civil War, WWII, Vietnam). I was actually born on an Air Force base during the Vietnam War and my dad, who did two tours in Vietnam, ended up retiring as a major in the Air Force reserves. I had a grandfather […]