Jamaica Inn – Week 4

Mary has walked in on the unimaginable at Jamaica Inn. As the horror unfolds before her, she rushes back out to the safety of the footman who accompanied her to the inn. While they wait, they hear the approaching sounds of the men who were on their way to capture her uncle and finally free […]

Jamaica Inn – Week 3

Mary is determined to get home from Launceston, but its dark and she knows its foolish to attempt the journey. As she makes her way back toward the town, she is met once again by Francis Davey, the vicar who came to her rescue once before. He puts her back on her way, in the […]

Storm Front – Week 2

Harry Dresden has sure delved into a mystery of magical proportions. He is determined to solve the case, no matter the consequences. When Morgan shows up, he knows he has to tread carefully, but he has not actually broken any of the laws, at least not yet! While Harry deals with Morgan, he is mulling […]