MMS book club

Do you remember our first adventure to Howliday Inn? Our favorite pets are coming back, with the Return to Howliday Inn! This month, we are reading through The Phantom Tollbooth, and what a read it is going to be! While we are returning to school, and leaving the winter break behind, there are adventures just […]

MMS book club

We have had some grand adventures in our Book Club here at MMS so far! There are so many great books to share, and many that deserve a lot more attention than they get. Here at the MMS Book Club, we get to share in fun journeys and fill our book passports. How exciting is […]

MMS book club

Good day dear readers! I hope that this month has been treating you well so far! It has been a busy one everywhere, but strangely satisfying in the busyness. While I enjoy a little downtime on the weekends, the weekdays have had us all running from the time we get up until we drop into […]

Bunnicula – Week 4

Chester seems to be on his best behavior. After being kicked outside for causing a scene, he has miraculously reformed and left the bunny alone. At least, that is what he wants everyone to think. Harold begins to suspect that something is wrong when there are no new vegetables being found without their colors in […]

Bunnicula – Week 3

Alright kids, it is time to continue our adventures! Grab your books and get ready to dive in! This week will leave you laughing. Chester is sure that he can find a way to stop Bunnicula, no matter how long it takes. When the family comes down stairs one morning, there are quite a few […]